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  • Protecting People and Property
  • Secure glazing with many benefits
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  • PROFILON® proven to be the world's strongest window security laminate
  • Holds your window together like an invisible steel curtain
  • The ultimate strength protection
  • Offices in JHB, Cape Town, Germiston, Polokwane & Richards Bay
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Protecting People and Property...


Defence Concepts SA (Pty) Ltd. established in 1999 is a subsidiary of Diesel Electric Rand - Robert Bosch South Africa’s single largest independent automotive aftermarket distributor and is the sole distributor of PROFILON® window films for Sub Saharan Africa.

Defence Concepts is also known as DEFCON 1 and has Agents in Germiston and Ghana who now also specialise in ballistic conversions, as well as Botswana to cater for your ultimate strength window protection.



Safety is Paramount!
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The PROFILON® films and laminates are manufactured by Haverkamp GmbH in Germany since 1978 and distinguish themselves from the rest of retrofit protective films for glass in that they are manufactured in a proprietary “sandglider cold lamination” process to form an optically precise and clear product based on the same principle as plywood.
In addition to this process, additional strength is added by using a non hardening proprietary adhesive to bond the material layers together and the same adhesive coating, which is also 2 to 3 times thicker than conventional adhesives, is used to create a molecular bond with the glass. This helps to create a shock absorbing effect on the glass and thus creates phenomenal and proven resistance to breaking and penetration as it more aggressively holds the glass shards together if broken by impact.



  • IS the first film ever to pass the German DIN 52290 security glazing test (in 1985).
  • IS the original laminated security film, a breakthrough created decades ago.
  • IS the only security film officially recognised by the USA and Canadian UL 972 standard for burglary resistant glazing.
  • HAS surpassed many other international tests and Haverkamp GmbH is security approved by the German Government
  • IS a member of the following associations:
  • Verband fur Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft (VSW) e.V. (in NRW/Bayern/Baden/Wurtemberg) • Verband deutscher Sicherheitsingenieure e.V. • American Society for Industrial Security • BHE Bundesverband der Hersteller und Errichter von Sicherheitssystemen e.V. • AIMCAL Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators • VfS Verband fur Sicherheitstechnik • International Window Film Association (IWFA) • Verband innenliegender Sicht und Sonnenschutz e.V. (ViS)